Meet the Designer

MiYoung Margolis

MiYoung Margolis

Designer, Artist, Model and Dancer


MiYoung Margolis is the Designer of ‘Seattle Aphrodite’, Nominated for Up and Coming Designer by Seattle Style Night 2016. In the Aphrodite Collection, expressions of female emotion are depicted through symbols of love, beauty and fertility, bringing the mythological fairy tale to life as wearable art.

In addition to fashion design, the multitalented MiYoung is also an internationally published model (since 2002), mixed media artist and has just recently opened her own art gallery, ‘Prince and Fox’ in Seattle where she hopes to support the local art community.

MiYoung was a semi-finalist in the Bombay Artisan 2016 national competition with the piece ‘The Beautiful Jane, Dancer’ from the Jane Collection.  She has been trained by a sculptor and inspired by the works of Chagall, her paintings utilize a complex palate of texture and color to convey female emotions to the viewer.  Her work is inspired by her life experiences with different series telling her story and providing an unfiltered view into her psyche.

Especially, "Jane Collection", is a projection of herself on canvas.  A female form is shown as she reaches the breaking point, an emotional and physical exhaustion.  Some relate to this work through the loss of a relationship, others the challenges of a busy non-stop life.  While every viewer will experience this painting as a reflection of their own personal journey, the emotions depicted are shared amongst all and acknowledging them has the power to bring us all closer together.  It is for this reason she created "Jane Collection".

Inspired by the concept of Jane Eyre and the experience of women in the Victorian era. “Jane Collection” is a modern expression of the emotions that I and all women experience. It aims to share to the viewer what it means to grow up as a woman. The `Jane Collection` explores a wide array of mediums and complex textures as MiYoung representing the diverse palette of female emotion.